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Streamlining project development and finance processes to accelerate solar power deployment around the World


International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Terrawatt Initiative (TWI) have teamed up to support the rapid and widespread scale-up of solar energy in line with goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. Open Solar Contracts streamlines project development and finance processes by offering simple and universally-applicable legal agreements that make contracting much faster and less costly.

  • Simplify

    Robust, clear and customizable documents
  • Collaborate

    Two-year, multi-stakeholder approach, including top-tier law firms
  • Innovate

    Simplified and bankable solution to unlock solar potential

The Contracts

The contracts are products of a rigorous and collective process involving key market-leading energy stakeholders. Every effort has been made to fuse the expertise and experience from different jurisdictions to ensure that Open Solar Contracts products have a balanced risk allocation and apply universally.

Solar Contracts are fine-tuned for small and medium-sized, grid-connected solar PV projects. Standardised contracts include: Power Purchase Agreement, Implementation Agreement, O&M Agreement, Supply Agreement, Installation Agreement and Finance Facility Term Sheet. These are complemented by the Implementation Guidelines.


Open Solar Contracts review phase is now over. More than 1,600 responses from the global solar power community have been received. With due consideration to the industry feedback, the contracts are finalized.

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Implementation Guidelines

The Implementation Guidelines outline the overall approach, rationale, main assumptions and individual contract summaries.

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Led by IRENA and TWI, Open Solar Contracts is a collaboration of global renewable energy professionals with a broad set of solar development expertise. Open Solar Contracts’ partners bring advisory and representation expertise in legal documentation for project development and financing. The partners include:

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